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Have a technical question about masonry materials, design, or construction?

Get in touch with people who are familiar with masonry construction, and actually understand the technical side of the design process

Offering complimentary technical expertise to design professionals and our masonry contractor members

CMDC fields inquiries from design professionals and our masonry contractor members, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be wasted as they search for the information they need. They have found the answers they are looking for by contacting our office. You can submit a general technical assistance inquiry by filling out the form below, or by reaching out to one of our office locations.

More about CMDC:

Who we're here to help:

Our technical services are available to anyone in the design community, courtesy of our supporting members. This includes architects, engineers, specifiers, building scientists, and developers.

CMDC technical services and support are also available exclusively to our contractor members. We do not field questions from non-members, but welcome them to refer involved design professionals to contact CMDC directly.

What we offer:

Technical assistance related to the design of masonry for both structural and nonstructural applications, codes and standards assistance, detailing of masonry, best practice techniques and access to state-of-the-art research results.

When required, CMDC has attended many site visits regarding issues with as-built and ongoing masonry projects. The technical assistance offered by CMDC is a complimentary service to designers within CMDC’s member provinces provided by the masonry contractor members of CMDC.

Send in your technical question:

Complete the form below to submit your question the CMDC. This will populate an email that will be received in the general CMDC inbox. If the matter is time sensitive then please contact your local CMDC office directly by phone for the quickest possible response.

    What’s Next?

    We make every effort to provide a thorough response as quickly as possible. Inquiries are prioritized and assigned to staff based on a number of factors to try and offer the highest possible level of service. If your question or situation is time-sensitive, please directly call your local office to get in touch with one of us.

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    The Canada Masonry Design Centre helps members of the design community across the country by connecting them to the resources and supports they need. Contact us today and get the conversation started!

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