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MASS Design Software

Simplify and accelerate the engineering process, with results in seconds!

Supported by our members as a joint venture with CCMPA, MASS is a design tool available to structural engineers that performs structural designs in accordance with Canadian Codes and Standards

MASS: Masonry Analysis Structural Systems

Design structural masonry in seconds

MASS is a design software package that designs masonry in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada, as well as CSA S304: Design of masonry structures.

It is available through the MASS website linked below and is financially supported by our members to continue to support development and access to the designer community.

About NMDP:

National Masonry Design Programs is a joint venture between CMDC and CCMPA. Click here to learn more about this partnership.

CMDC’s Role:

As one of NMDP’s joint venture partners, CMDC also provides technical support as the authorizes technical support provider for MASS

Apply unfactored loads and let MASS apply all NBCC load combinations
Visually see your design in progress including block selection, grouting pattern, and reinforcement configuration
Detailed P-M Interaction diagrams calculated for each exact cross section
More detailed results available, showing everything behind the results – full transparency!
Design for flexure (including slenderness effects), and shear (both diagonal and sliding at each course)

All MASS Software sales, renewals, and technical capabilities can be found on the MASS website:


Click here to visit the MASS Website

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Looking for Technical Documentation? It's all available online here (opens in new tab)

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