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Working with designers to support efficient and effective masonry construction


Here for your next successful masonry project

Our team of design professionals understand structural design, masonry behaviour, and local common practices across Canada


Partnering with Researchers

Supporting innovation and design standards


Partnering with Members Across Canada

Find an office near you, supported by your local CMDC member contractors

Supporting the industry with CMDC technical services and resources

Supported by our contractor members and industry partners

Meet the team and learn more about where we are based

Working together across the country, see which location is your local office

Committed to providing masonry contractors and designers with the tools and resources to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures

Canada Masonry Design Centre is involved in several areas to best serve our members and the design community
Technical Assistance

Reach out and let CMDC help you on your next project at the design, construction, or testing stage.


Offering technical seminars and comprehensive courses to support continual learning


Tools and guides to help you as a designer, contractor, or specifier. Find what you are looking for


Partnering with professors and researchers across Canada to drive innovation and understanding

极速赛车开奖168官网直播 幸运飞行艇官方开奖结果最新版 Designers can reach out to CMDC as a technical resource

Resources available to designers and contractors, courtesy of the Canada Masonry Design Centre, and our supporting members

Part of CMDC’s commitment to the design community is a larger suite of resources that are made to assist and elevate the masonry industry.

Frequently Asked 幸运飞行艇结果号码查询-168飞艇开奖官网查询结果2024-飞艇官方开奖历史记录

Covering the basics (and getting into some details) on our association, common design questions, and masonry in general.

Masonry Specifications

Providing guidance and offering recommendations to help you have confidence when specifying masonry on your next project.

Loadbearing Masonry

The benefits, application, and recommendations for using the block as your loadbearing system

Design Software

CMDC collaborates on a structural design software that handles the engineering calculations for masonry assemblages.

Partition Wall Calculator

Helping designers get an idea of how feasible masonry is for nonloadbearing applications. Based on a number of variables, returns a maximum height and structural support loads.

Technical Assistance

Contact CMDC and use our team as a professional resource on your next masonry project

Codes and Standards

Our role in keeping masonry relevant and innovative in the changing code cycles

Masonry Veneer Design

Combining a number of useful resources and details when it comes to using masonry as a cladding or veneer.

Engineering Textbook

One resource with all the information and details your need for modern masonry design - including practical design example calculations and best-practices!
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Supporting innovation through our support of Research

Collaborating with universities across Canada to foster masonry research programs on behalf of their masonry contractor member. Making masonry research work for you!

Partners and Supporters

Proudly Supporting Designers and Our Members Across Canada

Through our continued support with venture partner associations, we are able to offer our services and resources to engineers, architects, specifiers, building scientists, and our contractor members

Get in touch with our team

The Canada Masonry Design Centre helps members of the design community across the country by connecting them to the 168幸运飞行艇开奖官网直播 幸运168飞艇视频开奖官网结果. Contact us today and get the conversation started!

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